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FREE Self-Defense Seminars are available to be scheduled.

THESE CLASSES ARE FOR THE PUBLIC,  you need not be a Hwa Rang Do® student; everyone is welcome. 

If you have a group of people interested in Self-Defense training, please contact Inst. Spoehr to arrange a special class for your club, business, or group.  

At the Self-Defense seminar in Nov., 2009, we discussed a few of the most common lures used by unscrupulous persons to attract children. Click here for the list of the 16 Most Common Ways children are tempted by strangers.

"Thank you so much for working with Emileigh and I on Monday night. I hope neither of us ever needs the valuable information you taught us, but we are comforted in knowing each of us knows the tricks you taught. Thank you!  
--- comment from Mom who brought her college-bound daughter to free class on June 14, 2010

Dates and times for 2013 classes are available to be scheduled for your group. contact Inst. Spoehr now to arrange a date and time for seminar! The time to learn Self Defense is BEFORE you need it!





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